Services & Prices

ONE TO ONE TRAINING – £35 per 1 hour session
DSCN5099One to one sessions are available which take around 60 – 90 minutes, and include an emailed follow up report containing your personalised training plan. This is perfect for getting detailed one to one advice about your dogs behaviour, in your own home, and at a time to suit you.

One to one training is also perfect for dogs who may struggle with a class environment, some may be fearful, aggressive, or just too distracted, excited, or vocal in the presence of other dogs or people.

I can cover most common training or behaviour issues such as loose lead walking, recall, dog to dog reactivity


One to one sessions are also ideal for puppies to help you get a head start with their training and help them settle into your home. Puppy visits often consist of an introduction to reward based training, learning about house training your puppy, and how to deal with common puppy behaviours such as mouthing or chewing



It can be a big decision trusting someone with your animals when you are not there. Before any walks or visits can take place I offer a free home visit to meet you and your pets and discuss which services will suit you best.  I can provide up to date references, pet business insurance details, and proof of canine first aid training, on request, as well as answer any questions you may have. Only when you are completely happy will we sort out the paperwork, consent forms etc.

first aidPracticing Canine CPR on Canine First Aid course at Champion Dogs, Wirral,  2013 (most recent refresher course completed 2017)

To arrange your free, no obligation, visit you can contact me via
phone: 07912623188
or via Facebook:

The prices and times below are a guide only. If you have a special requirements and need a service that isn’t listed here, please get in touch to discuss it as I may still be able to help.

Dog Walking & Home Visits 

Group walk (40-60 mins) – £10 

Individual walk/visit – including puppy visits (20-30 minutes) – £7 

Most walks take place between 9.30am-3.30pm but occasionally can be arranged outside of these times if requested.

If there is more than one dog in the same household they can be walked for only half price!


Small Animal & Cat visits

For all home visits, I charge by time not per animal but if you have a lot of pets, or hutches & cages that will need cleaning out, then you will need to be realistic about the time this will take and book a long enough visit. If you need more than one visit per day (recommended at least 2 for cats & chickens) then you can also mix and match the length of the visits e.g one long and one shorter visit.


45-60 minutes – £10

20-30 minutes – £7

5- 15 minutes pop in – £5



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